A Smoking Beetle

Invigorate your taste buds and experience the theatre of cooking at your wedding or party with the Smoking Beetle BBQ

What is Smoking Beetle?
The Smoking Beetle is a catering company that specialises in gourmet BBQ.

How did Smoking Beetle get started?
Smoking Beetle was started about four years ago, when a passion for good food and charcoal BBQ got a little out of control, and a VW Beetle was converted into the world’s first car-becue. We now have two! 

2R3D7347What’s special about Smoking Beetle?
There are only two in existence, which makes us very unique. But the VW Beetle is so iconic that everybody has a story about one they owned, how often it broke down and, despite the lack of sophistication by modern standards, it was very stylish.

Who do you cater to?
We cater to larger groups of people who want to taste really good food in a fun and relaxed setting. Anything from 50 – 200 is easily manageable and we have managed to do 500 covers, but with both Beetles firing on all cylinders!

What is your philosophy when it comes to food?
We try and buy food that has been grown locally. We are all about serving five-star quality food, and you have to start with really good ingredients. We buy our squid and prawns from Brighton, and they’ve often only landed a few hours earlier. We buy our eggs straight from the farm gate and we buy our meat locally from a trusted butcher. We also use small artisan bakers for our bread as well as offering the finest vegan and vegetarian options. You just can’t produce a quality product without spending a bit of money.

Is Smoking Beetle suitable for a wedding?
We love doing weddings, they’re probably our favourite events! Our set up, our food and our philosophy is attracting more and more interest from couples wanting to get married. We can provide flexible menu options and like to think we offer excellent food and great value. We provide a real point of interest and it’s not uncommon for the bride and groom to be seen posing for photos next to the Beetle.

What can people expect from the Smoking Beetle experience?
Our food is cooked fresh on the charcoal grill, so it tastes amazing. As well as the meat and the mains, we provide delicious canapes and wicked puddings. We like to show our guests what we’re doing and the cooking is all out in the open for people to see. Nothing is pre-prepared and the salads are made on site. People love the food and the flavours, but they also love the whole theatre and experience we provide.

2R3D7588How can people get in touch?
We love a bit of social media action so we’d love to hear from you via Twitter or Facebook, and if you see us around during the summer please take a photograph and tag us on Instagram.

0207 4382013

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