Health & Fitness Apps for 2017

As diet and fitness come into focus once again and we’re bombarded with positive messages to start working on our health, why do so many with good intentions fall by the wayside within weeks? Got an excuse? ‘Appy Talk’s got an app.

1. It’s taking up my valuable time – Charity Miles
As its ‘Move with Purpose’ tag line suggests, with every mile you run, bike or walk, Charity Miles will donate money to a non-profit organisation of your choice. With over 30 charities participating, you’ll be donating to a worthwhile cause and feel really good about feeling good.

2. No Time – 7 Minute Workout
Have you got a spare seven minutes? Then you’ve time to exercise. This highly popular app provides 12 high intensity exercises at 30 seconds per exercise and ten second rest breaks. Simple and easy to use, full video and guidance helps improve technique while the voice prompts keep you focused.

3. No booze blues – Dry January and Beyond
If you’re finding it hard to stick to a dry spell then this app should help. It keep tabs on the time since your last tipple, offers encouragement as well as cleverly counting up the calories and money you’ve save by not drinking. It would pat you on the back too if it could.

4. No Incentive – Pact
If a leaner, healthier body still doesn’t motivate, you how about cold hard cash? Set your (realistic) fitness goals, add your cash to the kitty and either earn or lose money based on how active you are. Achieve your goals and you’ll earn money from others that failed. Fail and it will cost you!

5. The kids won’t join in – Pokemon Go 
Embrace you inner geek-child and download the Pokemon app. You’ll be surprised just how far you and the kids will walk or run a day to hatch a Tokepi egg or catch that elusive Charizard. No special equipment required, just your phone and a few steps out of your front door.

About Amanda Horlington
Amanda is the founder of web design and internet marketing company Fusion Marketing and also writes articles on the latest goings-on in the world of technology. Contact Amanda at or via Twitter @jiggertyjig