The best of life’s wild and wonderful

Daniel White took a trip to Hotel Pelirocco for a night of glam and frivolity in one of Brighton’s hidden gems…

When you arrive at Regency Square there is nothing in particular that draws your attention to Hotel Pelirocco.

The façade is unassuming and, with the construction of the Brighton i360 well under way, you could be forgiven for not spotting it between the other Grade II* listed buildings lining the square.

Pin-Up Parlour

Pin-Up Parlour

However, once you step inside the hotel you are instantly hit by a combination of bright colours, wacky wallpapers and funny posters that can knock you back if you enter unaware.

After being greeted by the friendly and welcoming staff we ascended the tight, winding stairs that led up to our room, taking in all the artwork, clothes, maps and more than adorn the walls of this eccentric hotel.

My partner and I had picked the Pin-Up Parlour, from a vast spread of options, as our choice for the night; a room dedicated to the ‘British Marilyn Monroe’ Diana Dors.

The room is a kitsch and camp glamour palace; a chandelier hangs over the centre of the room, while black and gold completely cover every inch, from the wallpaper to the doors to the carpet to the curtains and the bed, along with the telephone featuring gold studs and black fur!

Hotel Bar

Hotel Bar

The bedroom dominates the room, though, the chaise lounge offers a fine spot to sit and watch the world go by. The hotel is not just out-of-the-box for its design ideas though as, among the other usual hotel paraphernalia, the in-room menu boasts a whole range of She Said adult toys you can purchase or have waiting on arrival. After dropping off our bags and putting on our Sunday best, we went out for some dinner and drinks in central Brighton. Too many tapas followed and after a sunny July day turned cold and blustery we headed back to the room.

I won’t detail the rest of our evening but a late night was followed by a late morning wake up and after getting ourselves together we made our way to the dining room, where the bright and boisterous decoration will wake you up no matter how little sleep you get.


A rough attempt to look at the camera

Two delicious breakfasts, a quick chat as we checked out and we were off.

Hotel Pelirocco certainly offers the best of the wild and wonderful side of life; from their vast range of themed rooms to their eccentric style to their selection of ‘toys’ on offer, there is always another treat to discover.

So I would suggest, for the solo businessman looking to get a good night’s rest, stay away, but for anyone else looking to get carried away with life’s little quirks, make sure you visit this hidden gem.

About Daniel White
Dan has written numerous articles for Title Sussex. He no longer works for Title Media and has made a confident career in the world of coffee!