Clean mean kissing machine!

As your big day is literally sealed with a kiss, you’d better make sure your mouth is 100% kissable. The Dental Health Spa in Brighton has plenty of ways to freshen and whiten the pearly gates…

Being situated in a very central location, right on the high street, isn’t something you’d normally associate with a dental practice, but the Dental Health Spa is a little bit different.

“I had a vision to open a new hygiene-led oral health care clinic on the high-street, where oral health care could become both accessible and demystified,” says Spa boss Christina Chatfield.

Dental Health Spa is not a dental surgery as you know it. We work in an open environment, still protecting your privacy but without conducting our treatments behind intimidating closed doors. And we have comfy sofas to relax on whilst you wait and state of the art equipment.”

Since its conception in 2007, the Dental Health Spa has done just that, revolutionising the dental experience, and providing a safe haven for those who might be nervous about dental treatments. For brides and grooms wanting a bright, fresh smile on the big day, there’s loads of treatments to choose from.

We offer so many to help give you white teeth and that fresh kissable breath! So Mouth Detox, CFAST, fast teeth straightening, whitening and bonding are all great treatments leading up to your big day.

Some are designed just to give you a fast polish and clean-up, and others are more detailed treatments that take time. Best thing you can do is have a look at our website where all our treatments are listed, and see what looks good for you.

Obviously this will depend on the treatment. We offer a fantastic Air Polish treatment for example which cleans and brightens the teeth making them really white, and takes literally minutes.

But if you wanted to get your teeth straightened, or look at the possibility of veneers, we suggest you come in as soon as possible, way ahead of the big day. We do offer a ‘speedy’ teeth straightening system which can take as little as six weeks, but every client is different.


If you want some work done on your teeth or mouth, come and see us sooner rather than later for a consultation. We can work with your timeframe and offer you the best solutions. Our most popular treatments for things like whitening and mouth detox are very easy to organise. But our best work is done when we have the time to work with you to create your best smile!

Dental Health Spa
14-15 Queens Rd
01273 710831

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