Countdown to the big day

Many dream of a perfect wedding, but planning it can often be a daunting task. Title Sussex is here to help with a guide to stress-free wedding planning to make sure your big day is as remarkable as ever.

Words by Rimante Boguzaite

You budget and the amount of guests normally go hand-in-hand. If you feel pressured to invite guests who you don’t like or don’t know very well to your big day, consider inviting them just to the ceremony – this will save you money and help you avoid having strangers at your wedding reception. Also, do not send out “save the date” cards before making the final guest list, as these are considered to be a pre-invitation.


A lot of us have fairy tale ideas of what we want our wedding day to be. Before you decide on the budget, sit down with your partner and write down what your future financial plans are.

Is the budget you have in mind realistic? Would you rather spend more on the wedding, a house for your future family, or can you afford both? There’s nothing wrong with splashing out on your wedding, but breaking the bank is not necessary for making your day special.


Choosing the right vendor can make or break the experience of planning your wedding. If you have a bigger budget, don’t have an eye for detail, or simply are short on time, a professional wedding planner can be of great help. Wedding planners take a lot of weight off your shoulders and are incredible at negotiating and finding good alternatives when it comes to your budget and finding vendors.

However, some of us can’t afford, or simply don’t want a planner. In that case make sure to ask to see the vendor’s portfolio, book trial appointments for hair and make-up, and read customer feedback before considering using their service.

If splashing out on vendors is not your idea of fun, prioritise. Could Auntie Lucinda bake the cake? Great! Just remember to sign a contract, even if the florist is your cousin. But, some things, like photography, are generally best left to the professionals. Dry cake can be forgotten, but the pictures will last forever.


When it comes to picking a venue, the most popular ones are always booked ahead of time, so prepare to be flexible. Make sure you know everything about the deposit and how long ahead of time you have to pay it.

Find out if there are any hidden costs, like cleaning fees or gratuity charges, and whether there are any restrictions to the venue, like using confetti or flash photography. Make sure to ask in advance – there are no stupid questions when it comes to weddings.


When it comes to picking a theme, it’s best to make it subtle, yet reflective of the venue the reception is held at. It might be difficult to choose colour co-ordinations without going over the top.

Pick an idea that you love and give it an original twist – if you and your partner love oranges and went orange picking on your first date – why not make your reception orange-themed?

After all, you are celebrating your relationship, and making it about you and your partner is what’s going to make this day feel truly special for both you and your guests.


If you have already fallen in love with a gown, you can rent, buy new or even a pre-used gown. Bespoke dresses can take a long up to six months to make. Consider alterations that might have to be made in case you lose/gain weight or change your mind about the details.

If you have no clue as to what you’d like to wear, sometimes the venue can lead your way – beach wedding and a ball gown typically don’t agree with each other. Keep an open mind; sometimes a style that you don’t like the look of might fit you best.

There are plenty of shops with traditional wedding registries, however, what do you do if another knife set or a slow cooker are simply not welcome? Nowadays a lot of wedding registries have moved online, where you can pick from various bits and bobs that you find useful or fun and can even register experiences you’d like to have for your honeymoon.

This eliminates the awkwardness of asking for money as a gift and saves you much needed cash for something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Those knives can wait till after the honeymoon. honeymoon

All the stress and emotion surrounding your wedding can easily make you crash when your honeymoon finally arrives. Make sure to schedule in a few days of chill, and find some activities that you wouldn’t normally make a commitment to do when on a regular holiday, like a spa day.

Try to surprise each other with a gift or activity to make sure it doesn’t feel just like another holiday.