Five reasons to love Brighton & Hove Sixth Form

One of the first things you will notice when you visit Brighton & Hove High is how friendly and relaxed everyone seems. But what else? Here are our top five reasons to love Brighton & Hove Sixth Form…

1 Small
The classes are small and thus the lessons can be more personalised. In essence ‘you do more, quicker and to a higher standard’

2. Community minded
Sixth formers have the opportunity to continue to be involved in school life in numerous ways from writing and directing the House plays, running clubs or having positions of responsibility such as becoming Head Girl or a House Captain.

A bit further afield and the sixth formers organise and run a yearly fashion show in collaboration with local high street shops for a charity of their choosing. This is always a sell-out event and not to be missed!

3. Dedicated Sixth Form Centre
Upon leaving school, starting further education and developing a burgeoning sense of responsibility, the last thing students want is to share their break time with the younger years. Fortunately students at BHHS benefit from their very own Sixth Form building which alongside classrooms boasts a common room for relaxing in, a silent work room and a kitchen for that vital cup of tea!


4. Affordable
Why a fee paying school I hear you ask? In reality the fees probably aren’t as expensive as you may think and almost half of the girls in sixth form benefit from a scholarship or bursary, so it’s worth considering.

5. Personalised Careers & Higher Education guidance
This support goes from the day students join BHHS until they embark on higher education courses. Each and every student follows a career guidance programme and receives bespoke advice from independent, impartial, guidance councillors. This is in addition to regular meetings with a tutor or the Head of Careers to help with higher education planning.

Brighton & Hove High School belongs to the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) and is one of 26 schools and academies nationwide.

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