Frankie’s sponsored walk

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One little boy has taken it into his own hands to raise money for other children to be able to join ACE Football Academy.

Frankie’s sponsored walk aims to increase the accessibility of holiday clubs to all children, regardless of their background.

A little boy with a big heart

Frankie Hanson sponsored walk

Last year, five-year-old Frankie couldn’t understand why not all children were fortunate enough to be able to attend holiday camps. After his parents explained that some families didn’t have enough money to pay for summer holiday camps, Frankie decided to take matters into his own hands.

In June 2021, Frankie walked three miles over the South Downs, all the while kicking a football. His sponsored walk garnered enough money to pay for 18 places at ACE Football Academy, which the company matched. A total of 36 spaces were opened up for children who otherwise would have been unable to attend.

Doubling the challenge

This year, Frankie is determined for even more. He has challenged himself to walk six miles along the seafront, and he’ll be joined by the coaches from ACE. They are pledging for as many people as possible to join Frankie on his walk.

When and where?

Frankie’s sponsored walk will be taking place on Saturday 25 June at 10:30am, where he will be walking from Hove Lagoon to Brighton Palace Pier and halfway back.ACE Football Academy poster

Cause and effect

ACE Academy Director Jamie Crellin spoke to Title Sussex about the impact of Frankie’s walk and the resulting donations.

“The additional spaces make a huge difference. We had so many messages last year from people to tell us how grateful they were for the difference it made. In some case, it allowed parents to go out and work extra while we took care of their children.

“When ACE was founded back in 2021, our key message was that our courses are accessible for everyone. We are still the cheapest provided in the South East, and we pride ourselves on our accessibility to people from all walks of life.

“ACE Football Academy are going to match the donations that Frankie raises, as we understand just how much it means to people.”

To keep up to date on Frankie’s journey and offer support or sponsorship, click here.




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