Never too late to learn

Has your child considered an apprenticeship?

The kids were back to school last month following the summer holidays but, for some starting their A levels, they are realising it’s not what they want to do. Well there is another option.

Life after GCSE’s doesn’t necessarily mean another two years in classrooms. Apprenticeships are available in a range of fields as David Allison, boss of, explains.

“High quality apprenticeships are a very real alternative to A-levels. We’re finding more and more young people are opting for apprenticeships, and we’re especially seeing marked growth in areas such as law, accountancy, financial services and IT. Apprenticeships are quickly becoming the first choice option.”

If you or your child is considering a life outside of A levels then make sure they pick the one that’s right for them with this online search for apprenticeships in Sussex

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