Ooh, Gett you…

Gett App is coming to Brighton

If you love using Uber but wish there was something similar in Sussex, we’ve got good news for you.

Founded in 2010, Gett is the premiere on-demand licensed Hackney Carriages and black cab app that lets you instantly book a ride with your mobile phone.

The company has taxis across three continents in 24 cities and is now coming to the Brighton area.

With 1,000 new drivers joining Gett each month, the team has been undergoing a huge recruitment drive to find licensed black cab drivers (Hackney Carriage drivers who are licensed directly by the Council).

Licensed black cab and hackney carriage drivers interested in signing up to the Gett service can go to the website and sign up in just a few seconds.

Users can simply download the app at dl.gett.com/uk/ and you can use the promo code ‘BTN10’ for £10 off your first ride

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