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To catch up on all the latest business news across Brighton including interviews with some of the city’s best and newest business bods, check out Radio Reverb 97.2fm’s Brighton Business Show on the link below…

On the show this month Laura has two brave businesses have a crack at their Elevator Pitch challenge – Sharon Worby tells us about East Sussex National Hotel, and that time she hauled a Landrover with her bare hands, while Jeff White tells us about the fantastic work Able & Willing are ding to support those with disabilities into the workplace.

Luke Thomas and Lindsay Pickles are talking about tax relief for gaming companies, plus some upcoming events.

Plus Sarah Springford tells us how your business can take advantage of the Ride The Wave events and mentors, whether you are a start up or a more established company, as well as a report from the Round Table held at Entrepreneurial Spark.

Twitter: @radioreverb
Laura Evans: @LauraOfBrighton

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