Top 10 most memorable Star Wars moments

Our resident film expert Rhys Wilson-Plant gives us his favourite moments in the Star Wars franchise

Photo: Film Frame © 2014 Lucasfilm Ltd

One of the most anticipated films in film history is on the horizon, and no, I’m not talking about Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is finally here after a wait of weeks, months and even years for some.

The 70’s was a decade where some of the best sci-fi films were made; Alien, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Andromeda Strain and many more, but Star Wars was a film that revolutionised science fiction in film, creating a huge world of untold truths.

To celebrate it’s release, we felt the urge to create our own top ten favourite moments through the Star Wars franchise:


Photo: Film Frame © 2014 Lucasfilm Ltd

10. Self Sacrifice – A New Hope
Obi-Wan fights his former pupil, Vader in hope of giving Luke enough time to escape the Death Star. After realising that it must be Luke who defeats Vader in order to return balance to the force, he sacrifices himself and posthumously tells Luke to run.

9. It’s a Father, Son thing – Return of the Jedi
After Vader captures his son, Luke, the Emperor tries to turn him to the dark side like his father, but a fight ensues between Vader and Luke. With the Emperor on the verge of killing Luke, his father saves him – despite being enemies – by killing the Emperor.

8. The Pod Race – The Phantom Menace
Arguably one of the most awesome race scenes in film history in one of the biggest let downs in the franchise. Who could forget little Anakin racing against the strange beasts in the treacherous baron land? Racing as a slave for freedom, he get’s his wish when he defeats the best, Sebulba, for the Boonta Cup.

Photo: Film Frame © 2014 Lucasfilm Ltd

Photo: Film Frame © 2014 Lucasfilm Ltd

7. The Emperor turns Anakin – Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
In utter fear of losing Padme through childbirth, as he perceived through visions, he decides to move to the dark side in hope of attaining a power that prevents people from death.

6. The Battle of Hoth – Empire Strikes Back
One of the great things about the Star Wars universe is the diverse worlds that the audience experiences, and the battle of Hoth is one of the best. The AT-AT walkers and the T-47’s with their iconic harpoons that brought down the monoliths will live in film history. However, it would be the Galactic Empire that would strike a huge victory after the Alliance was forced to retreat.

5. The Double Lightsaber – Phantom of the Menace
One of the most memorable lightsaber duel sequences, Obi-Wan and Qui Gon Jinn both fight Darth Maul on the grandest of scales, ultimately ending in Darth Maul’s death and Qui Gon Jinn’s, who had originally trained Obi-Wan.

4. Protégé fights the master – Revenge of the Sith
Who can forget that incredible duel between protégé and master? The dark side and the Alliance. In this incredible fight, Anakin is defeated due to his arrogance and is burned severely. He is suspected dead, but the fight only increases his strength over time. The two will meet again.


Photo: Film Frame © 2014 Lucasfilm Ltd

3. Anakin becomes Darth Vader – The Revenge of the Sith
After fighting Obi-Won and suffering life threatening injuries, he is put into a life support suit that would become history. After turning to the dark side to save Padme, he is told that she was killed by his own rage. He spends the rest of his time living in self-hatred, committing atrocities across the universe.

2. The Death Star Battle Sequence
Possibly the greatest airborne battle ever in film history, the force takes on the mammoth Death Star with the iconic TIE fighters and obliterates it, marking a huge achievement in the war.

1. “Luke, I am your father” – Star Wars
Come on, you knew it had to be this moment. Without a doubt, one of the most shocking of film twists, Luke Skywalker realises that the man he was trained to defeat, is in fact his father. Oh yeah, and he loses a hand.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is in cinemas now