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From Zombie attacks to an abs attack, Amanda Horlington breaks down what’s going up and down in the world of technology

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda

New Year’s resolutions are so last year; like someone who suddenly becomes romantic only on Valentines Day, don’t get all fitnessy because it’s what everyone else does in January. Yes, I might see you at the gym as you sideways glance the one-in-nine hottie quota but only for the requisite 4-6 weeks before you become one of the gym ghosts; a sweaty Jacob Marley in ill fitting gym gear, your spirit destined to roam the post holiday afterlife – still annoying others by texting, slouched on a weights machine.

What was wrong with August 4, October 10 or March 3? All perfectly good days to start the whole fitness lark. Or did Santa deliver a shiny new gadget to help you get fit this year? You may have even taken it out its box and given it a prod, but how about using it?

There has never been a better time to tap into the wealth of technology and online resources to help you get in shape. So, with this huge array of tech at our fingertips, if your current fitness level is more couch than 5k you’re rapidly running out of excuses.

TechFivezombie-595962_1920UP – Run Zombie Run
If a zombie invasion will get you off the sofa then join more than a million people with Zombie Run. Users get rewarded for every step they walk, run or jog through the game, allowing you to gather supplies, build a base and save humanity.

TechFivetraining-828726_1920UP – Athos – Get your Tron On
‘Building a Better Machine’ boast Athos smart fitness apparel which measures muscle activity and heart rate all in real time and syncs to the app to maximise your workout.

UP – Skulpt Aim – What’s your MQ?
TechFivefit-1017419_1920It’s all about MQ (muscle quality) apparently, press the Skulpt Aim device against a particular muscle group, such as your abs or biceps to measure overall body-fat percentage, muscle strength and definition.

NON-MOVER – Couch-to-5K
An oldie but goodie, the award-winning Couch-to-5K app is designed to ease new runners into exercising. Virtual coaches provide all the tips and TechFivewoman-918981_1920motivation you need to get off the couch and get moving.

DOWN – PumpUp
A fitness app and community, PumpUp encourages goal setting and achievement sharing; perfect for the selfie obsessed to uploaded mid-workout glute clench or avocado smoothie photos. To be avoided by everyone over 35 unless you actually looks good while exercising.

Amanda Horlington is the founder of web design and internet marketing company Fusion Marketing. Contact Amanda at or via Twitter @jiggertyjig

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