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Title caught up with Sussex personal trainer and now bodybuilder Angela Dolan to find out more about being strong, not skinny

Angela Dolan (No. 63)

Q – When and why did you first get started in bodybuilding?
A – I’ve always been interested in bodybuilding as I’ve had friends that have done it – that and powerlifting. For the past ten years I’ve run marathons, and I’ve always weight/resistance trained alongside my running. I really love looking strong rather than skinny, so this is why my direction has changed. It’s fun working out with the boys too!

Q – What was your perspective on fitness before you started bodybuilding?
A – I work at Stables boxing and fitness gym as a PT, where I help boxers get fit for fights using interval training and boxing drills. I think exercise and diet are key to keeping happy and healthy. It has always been a part of my life.

Q – Tell us about your training
A – I weight train five days a week and run or do cardio three times per week usually, but I always join in when I do the classes at work or with a client. I just can’t stop myself! Then four weeks before a competition I do 45mins cardio before breakfast as well. No days off!

Q – How widespread are drugs such as steroids in the world of bodybuilding?
A – For guys yes, to compete in the bigger classes it really is a given. Not so much for women though.

Q – Is there still a taboo surrounding female bodybuilders?
A – I think there is. Skinny is still more fashionable and I think it’s a real shame. Strong is beautiful! The most common thing people ask me is, “Oh like Jody Marsh?” I think she did really well, but I’m not sure if she’s a good ambassador for women – or bodybuilding…

ange-4-cutQ – What is the best asset of your physique/body?
A – I would say my back and abs

Q – What has been the highlight/low point of your bodybuilding career to date?
A – Highlight is seeing changes in body weekly, that’s exciting. And competing was amazing. I’m not done yet. Low point was the last week before the comp. No carbs! White fish and asparagus, five times a day. Not that I was starving but I became forgetful. Lost my phone and keys daily.

Q – What keeps you motivated?
A – I would say I’m bloody-minded. Until I place in the British finals I will keep going. Also to be in the best shape of my life at 40 is amazing. My coach, DD at Physiques Training, has been amazing. He has coached me and looked after my diet and nutrition as well as tanning and pumping me up before I jump on stage and being the loudest voice in the audience cheering me on.

Q – What advice do you have for people who would like to begin bodybuilding?
A – Do it! You need to be organised so food prep is a vital part alongside the actual training.

Q – What are your plans for the future?
A – I placed 5th out of 12 in the UKBFF regional heat in Portsmouth and to place for the British finals you need a 1st or 2nd, so after having a few days off I’m back on it. I will try again to place in Kent on the 30th of August. So it’s time to work on my weak points and pose pose pose!

Q – Can you outline a typical day of training for you in the build up to a competition?
A – 6am is water and 45min cardio. I run with my dog and include stair climbs and hills. Then 7am I’ll have my first meal, 10am another meal, then head to the gym for boxing drills at midday. After that at 12.30 I’ll have meal number three, then do some more training at 2.30pm before eating meals again at 4.30pm, 6.30pm and 8.30pm and I’m in bed by 10pm latest. Water with every meal too, that’s really important.

Q – What is your favourite healthy meal?
A – Turkey with sweet potato and broccoli, or oats with whey protein powder and cinnamon.

Q – And your favourite cheat meal!?
A – Coco pops or dippy egg with toast.


A typical day of eating includes…

I do cardio 30-45mins before food, and I have water with every meal.

Breakfast is oats, whey protein, fruit and cinnamonoats-breakfast-for-box-out-cut
Meal 2 – turkey and broccoli
Meal 3 – white fish, basmati rice, mixed greens
Meal 4 – green salad with salmon or mackerel
Meal 5 – sweet potato with mixed greens and turkey
Meal 6 – oats and cinnamon

It’s all about eating clean, eating regularly and drinking water.


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