Title take on a new team member

Gemma Windham joins the Title Team as a new Sales & Marketing Executive

Title Sussex is thrilled to announce the latest member to join the team. Gemma Windham brings her extensive sales and management background to the table, coming on board as our new Sales & Marketing Executive covering the whole county.

If you’d like to hook up with Gemma for a meeting and find out more about what a Title ad campaign can do for your business please email her on gemma@titlemedia.co.uk – and for more background on our new golden girl, read on. Welcome Gemma, we’re really excited to have you in the gang!

What’s your name and where do you live?
My name is Gemma and I live on Shoreham Beach.

What is your work background?
I worked for Russell and Bromley when I was at college which was my introduction to working in sales. I went on to work for Signet Group and have managed several jewellery stores for them. My very first job though at 15 was selling ice creams and burgers on Pagham beach! 


Title Team out at meetings – Gemma Windham and Frida Clementz

What do you do for fun?
Standard girly stuff; shopping, meals and drinks out with friends. My favourite way to spend a day off is with my two boys on the beach, I couldn’t live anywhere other than on the coast. 

How do you feel about coming to work for the magazine?
So excited! The team have achieved a huge amount already and I’m absolutely thrilled to get to be part of this as it grows. 

Where are your guns trained?
Everything from ‘I will’ to ‘I do’. Weddings and engagements are what I know and I know how much competition there is out there for people providing a service for those occasions. I’m excited about national chocolate week too! I’ll definitely be speaking to some chocolatiers in the lead up to that. 

What are your hidden skills?
I do have an encyclopaedic knowledge of superheroes and their nemeses, and I can still do the splits (just). 

To get in touch with Gemma please contact her via email at gemma@titlemedia.co.uk

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