Top tips to stay festive fit

How do you survive the Christmas Party season with ease?

You got into shape for summer and have been really good since the nights have started to draw in BUT, Christmas Party season is almost upon us and you know there will be wine, bubble, canapés, mince pies and more.

Here are my suggestions on how you can still have a great time but at the same time not ruin your health and fitness.

  • Eat before you go out – Have a healthy, whole food meal BEFORE you party and make sure you have a good mix of protein, fibre-rich vegetables, fat and carbohydrates.
  • Can’t eat before then pick the healthy snacks. Go for crudités and hummus if they have it, or tomato-based dips rather than creamy ones.
  • Drink a glass of water after each drink.lisa-Moore
  • Dance…lots. You’ll burn loads of calories but remember, girls, heels shorten the calf muscle so if you’re wearing them all evening, give your calf muscles a good stretch when you take them off.
  • Try not to overbook yourself – make sure you still factor in some chill out time during this party season.
  • Try a Day Detox if you’ve overindulged – if his is too complicated then just set yourself goals to eat more fruits and veggies in one day and drink two to three litres of water.
  • Don’t smoke…’nough said?
  • Drink Bubbles or Spirits – They contain less calories that beer or wine.
  • Most of all enjoy yourself, it is Christmas after all!

Lisa Moore if the founder of Fit For Moore, based in Haywards Heath, West Sussex or on Facebook.