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Our favourite cinema picks of the month by Rhys Wilson-Plant

From the outset, Everest has the feel of a heist movie. The prize? Eternal glory and the ultimate victory against nature itself. Scott (Jake Gyllenhaal) claims that there is too much competition on the mountain but Klev (Chris Reilly) corrects him, there is only one competition on Everest, and that is the one each man has against the mountain.

© Universal Pictures

© Universal Pictures

This is in itself the essence of the film – the battle in oneself and what’s worth fighting for. This film is primarily centred around Rob Hall (Jason Clarke) who did guide expeditions up Everest, and this particular climbing expedition that was devastated by a severe winter storm.

This film boasts a stellar cast and they all deliver strong performances that build up a story that is universal – of who we are and what we as people are capable of and of finding the upmost strength when there is none to be found. This is one of the films of the year.

Directed by: Baltasar Kormákur
Release Date: September 18

M.Night Shymalan insisted that he wanted to finally be in control of the final cut with The Visit after the hugely disappointing After Earth and The Last Airbender.

8L60_FPF_00086RHe claimed to have three final cuts; one that was pure comedy, one pure horror and the other somewhere in-between. This cut is unquestionably the latter, with rap by the mildly talented Tyler, who often undercuts the tension with his comical behaviour.

This film is a typical run of the mill, handheld horror, a phenomenon of recent years within the genre, but the plot twist in the last act will turn your stomach inside out.

Directed By: M. Night Shymalan
Release Date: September 9

a-walk-in-the-woods-DF-01235_R_CROP_rgbThe story revolves around Bryson (Robert Redford), who has a beautiful wife with children and grandchildren, but is not quite fulfilled. He instead, decides to embark on a spur of the moment decision to walk the length of a trail over a thousand miles long with his old time buddy, Katz (Nick Nolte).

Unfortunately a big part of the film’s downfall is the fact that the story isn’t unique, it’s a genre that has been well drained and it’s been drained again, without anything new coming out the tap.

Directed by: Ken Kwapis
Release Date: September 18

legend-LGD_Tsr1Sheet5_RGB_0622_5_rgbDelightful is not an adjective you’d expect to hear when describing the story of the Kray twins. Yet, alas, I am obliged to. Legend is a fantastic piece of writing by the masterful Brian Helgeland (also directing) who manages to convey the violent and obscene world of these two brothers through Tom Hardy, whose performance is without a doubt on par with Bronson.

The film chronicles the lives of the notorious East End gangsters, the Krays, in 1960’s London. Wheeling and dealing their way to glory.

Directed by: Brian Helgeland
Release date: September 9