White noise vinyl shop launches through Brighton Digital Festival

Pop-up shop open for just one week in Brighton Square

The White Noise Boutique, a pop-up shop dedicated to selling unique white noise in the form of vinyl records, launched on Friday as part of the Brighton Digital Festival.

The project has been set up by American artist, hacker and professor Jeff White, and will sell exclusive vinyl records for one week between 11-18 September at 16 Brighton Square.

StorefrontRendering_FrontVisitors will be able to generate their own individual noise by picking random “seeds” that include bingo balls and dice, and number generators such as vacuum tubes and “high-end cryptographic algorithms”.

The resulting noise is then run through a battery of tests to ensure that it is completely original to each visitor. These unique forms of noise can be used as music, a poetic object, or for cryptographic purposes.

The store will also host performances by musicians exploring white noise and a curated white noise listening party.

For more information visit the White Noise Boutique website www.whitenoiseboutique.com