Winter Online Entertainment

Winter is the time of year when families get together, eat food, play games and watch seasonal films. So much of this can now be done via the internet and here are some of the best ways to do so…

Stream Movies
Whether you are already a member of a service like Netflix or Amazon Prime or are looking to start a free trial, they have a wealth of great seasonal movies. If you aren’t currently a member, then this winter is a great time to start your trial.

You’ll be able to watch winter movies like Arthur Christmas or Die Hard with the click of a few buttons. Each service has different movies, so you might decide to try both free trials and get the best of both.

This way you might even decide you want to keep one or both of them throughout 2017, too. Don’t forget to cancel your account if you don’t want to keep your subscription, though.

Whether you own a PlayStation 4, a smartphone or a laptop, there are plenty of games you can play.

From games that you can download to your PS4 like Overcooked – where you all play very silly chefs trying to make all kinds of dishes in funny places like a moving van or pirate ship, or a classic board game like Monopoly on your tablet.

If you are not ready to let go of the Christmas-y feeling yet then you could check out the Secrets of Christmas slot machine from Mr Smith Casino. As soon as you are up for it they offer a huge selection of other themed games, there is always something of your liking to be found.

From streaming services like Spotify to YouTube videos with the lyrics to songs on, no matter what genre you are fan of there are plenty of choices.

You can get the whole family involved as you all sing classic songs. If you are prepared you might even have organised a winter playlist or downloaded some of the latest seasonal hits.

There is so much available, so whether you are a fan of classic songs or newer pop songs there will be something for the whole family. In fact, you could create your playlist to contain both so that everybody is happy.

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