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Make sure you have your family and friends by your side on the big day by hiring this historic venue. Words by Daniel White

I was recently asked by a friend to attend their wedding. “Of course,” I said, excited by the thought of food, drink and a boogie. “It’s in the Bahamas, next March,” he went on to say, followed by a sharp teeth-sucking noise from my direction as my head flicked around like a moth on a light, anxiously looking in every direction to find a change in topic, avoiding his eye contact at all costs.

See, I really like my mate, but I also like paying my bills and having a warm bed to sleep in every night. So the thought of parting with all of my savings and a few pay packets until the big day, for a week-long celebration of Mr and Mrs Kemp, was not honestly my idea of money well spent.

A weekend down in Brighton, sure, I can afford that. But paying over the odds for what is likely to be my only holiday in the next five years, no, it’s not happening. Sorry buddy.

It is a source of perpetual annoyance for those not in the marriage ball game. One in six British wedding ceremonies now take place overseas, meaning that that one-off expense is not necessarily a one-off anymore.

Of course, this could’ve been an underhanded tactic to price out the less reliable members of the group but, if you’re actually looking to celebrate your wedding day surrounded by all your loved ones, take the local route.

From the i360 to The Royal Pavilion to Brighton’s Town Hall, no matter what your dream wedding venue is, we are loving the Greene Room, upstairs at The Cricketers Pub in Brighton, for a post-ceremony party.


Within walking distance of all these wedding venues, and plenty more, they have everything you could need to keep good times rolling. Spread across three interlinked rooms, it offers guests the chance to dance, have a sit down or chat away at the self-contained bar.

The Cricketers is best known for being the oldest pub in Brighton, dating all the way back to the 16th century, which will add a sprinkle of history to your big day, while the Greene Room adds an extra dash of quirkiness and charm to the whole event, which holds up to 65 people.

Cosy, yet full of character, it’s an ideal town centre party venue – in the heart of The Lanes, next to the beach for breath-taking pictures and just close enough to Brighton station – perfect if you have out of town relatives coming to join the celebration.

The team at the Greene Room can help you create an amazing, bespoke wedding package according to your needs and wishes, helping you make your big day absolutely unique and unforgettable.

With a choice of buffet and sit down meals prepared with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, and professional staff to cater to your every whim, the Greene Room is your perfect celebration venue when it comes to getting hitched.

For more information or to book your function visit

The Cricketers
15 Black Lion Street
T: 01273 329472

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