Delicious food and superb service on the Table

Lee and Liz Parsons opened The Parsons Table restaurant in Arundel last December. Daniel White met up with the two catering connoisseurs to find out how it’s going…

What is The Parsons Table?
The Parsons Table is a place where friends and family can meet and enjoy a delicious meal in a welcoming and comfortable environment. We pride ourselves on friendly but discreet service but our focus is that you leave having enjoyed a bloody good meal.

How did The Parsons Table get started?
The Parsons Table was conceived four years ago over numerous bottles of wine with family on a warm summer evening in the wine region of British Columbia, Canada. At the time we weren’t sure if it would come to fruition in Canada or the UK. Last summer the decision was made and after a whirlwind few weeks with some logistical headaches, we landed in Arundel.

What’s your background?
We’re fortunate to have worked in the UK and Canada in some of the leading hotels and companies in the hospitality industry for the last 20-25 years. We met 20 years ago in the kitchens of Claridge’s Hotel and since then have worked side-by-side in various establishments.

What makes The Parsons Table special?
It’s easy to say ‘The Chef’ but in all honesty, it’s the entire team that contribute to making The Parsons Table a place where guests like to return. It’s the entire experience that’s important to us, not just one element or one person.


What is the philosophy at The Parsons Table?
It’s about creating great flavours on each plate without compromising the integrity of the ingredient. We don’t overcomplicate our food and we let each ingredient sing. Our philosophy is quite simply seasonal, delicious and bold.

What experience can people expect at The Parsons Table?
A warm welcome, delicious food, a balanced wine list and friendly but discreet service.

If you were King and Queen of Sussex for a day, you would…
Sleep first then spend the rest of the sunny day with our beautiful twin girls in the garden with a perfectly iced G&T!

Where can people find you and how can they get in touch?
We are on Tarrant St in the Castle Mews and you call us at 01903 883477 or email or for online reservations go to

Our website is and we’re all over social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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