Ways to relax this summer

Summer is finally here, but it doesn’t always mean the sun is going to play ball (sadly). Thankfully, there are plenty of ways for you to relax that don’t necessarily involve lazing around on a sun lounger.

Online Gaming
Even when you’re stuck inside because of the rain, you can still have a good time. There are plenty of activities that you can get involved with, and one of them is online gaming. The added bonus of being able to play at home is a real draw for many people, and it’s not too expensive.

So why not forget about the rain outside and pay a visit to the Sunshine Lounge at 32Red Bingo. Here, beginners can play for free with the chance of winning genuine prizes. Alternatively, Charming Bingo is currently running a competition to win a seven-day trip to Greece, offering another potential route to escape the rain.

Even if you’re at home alone, you can enjoy a bit of banter while you play. The operator 32Red offers various chat options to keep you entertained, including sing-a-long games. Alternatively, why not organise an online gaming pyjama party with friends to keep things interactive?

Or, if you decide it’s time to leave the house, Mecca Bingo gives you the choice of playing at home or in one of their high street locations.

Beach BBQs
The British summer doesn’t always spell doom and gloom; we do occasionally get a few beautiful, bright, sunny days – especially here in Sussex! There are plenty of parks across the county, and of course, we are perfectly placed to make the most of the iconic Brighton Beach.


When the evenings are long and the weather is warm, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a few drinks with friends and some tasty treats cooked outdoors. From smoked meats through to light salads, a cookout or even a picnic is a great way to relax.

There are plenty of ideas online on how to organise the perfect BBQ  thanks to some delicious recipes, but for a truly relaxing time, you’re probably best trying to hit up the local supermarkets for their pre-packaged offerings (what could be easier?).

Getting fit may not sound like a particularly relaxing venture, but regular exercise is proven to help our mental health, which can in turn help us to relax. Activities that involve getting in touch with your spiritual side can be particularly conducive to relaxation.

Why not give yoga a go? The Yoga Garden at Knepp Wildland Safaris in West Sussex, for example, is a really tranquil place to get away from it all. However, if yoga’s not really up your street, there are always some beautiful walks you can try, without having to travel too far.

Sussex is blessed with some beautiful coastal walks, which will help keep you fit and allow you to really appreciate the beauty of the local area. In East Sussex, there are some lovely guided walking tours in a variety of locations, from Eastbourne to Hastings. Most of the walks are suitable for a range of abilities, and you can even download an app to guide you.


Doing Absolutely Nothing
It’s hardly inspired, but doing nothing is something that a lot of us don’t even consider when we have a bit of free time, but which can be really beneficial for our mental health. When faced with a day or even a weekend off (luxury!), we tend to want to make the most of it by cramming it with loads of different activities, but sometimes, it’s a great idea to just chill out.

Don’t plan nights out. Don’t plan a huge shopping trip. Just have a lie in, listen to music, or take the time to sit on a blanket in the park. Life goes by so quickly, it’s important to stop and smell the roses from time to time.

Summer is the ideal time to sit back, relax, and enjoy life. The extra sunlight can help to boost our mood, so why not take the time to reassess what’s really important in life and fit in some quality time for rest and relaxation?

About Lily Murphy
Lily is a lifestyle and travel blogger living in the UK. Originally from Australia (Sydney), Lily now spends her time writing, walking and exploring the south coast with Jack Russel Mikey.