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Mums; have you often wondered if you could run your own business, but been concerned that it might impact on your parenting, or that you might be rubbish at it?

As remote working and cloud-based systems revolutionise how we function, it’s becoming more and more possible to work, raise the kids, and do a damn fine job of both (this applies to dads too), but we do know that sometimes that might be a daunting idea, as Karen in Chichester knows all too well.

“I had a really cool idea for a way to present data analysis and social media metrics to clients running marketing accounts who didn’t understand how to process the information.

“I really wanted to launch a micro business running from my own home, helping other small businesses to understand their audiences and how to best market their business, but I also had a bit of baby brain going on!

“I’m really glad I’ve taken the leap now though. I’m able to juggle my time to suit me, still enjoy time with the baby, and the extra income is really welcome.

“In fact I’m so busy I might need to find someone else to help me, so I’m already thinking of gently expanding.

“Another mum in the same situation as me would be a really nice way to spread the love too. Doing this work has given me such confidence, I’d like to pay it forward.”

There’s a growing army of working parents, doing everything from having their own businesses to offering freelance services. Do you fall into any of the categories below?

  • I’ve got an awesome business idea but have no idea where to begin
  • ‘I just can’t risk it’ or ‘What if I fail?’ – I have The Fear!
  • I just don’t have the time or the money to start a business
  • How do I grow my business?
  • It’s a while since I worked – I’d probably be useless…
  • I have no idea where to start – can I really do something from home, or outside the 9-5?

If you’ve asked yourself some/all of the questions above then there’s an event coming to Brighton that could help you make some decisions, The Mums Enterprise Roadshow, a free, child-friendly work and business exhibition dedicated to mums, launched single-handedly and with no external backing or funding by two mums who are on a social mission to help change the work and business lives of mums for the better, forever.

Particularly useful if something digital is what floats your boat, the roadshow has teamed up with Digital Garage from Google Partnership to host two 40 minute workshops focusing on how to use the web to tell your story and reach new customers online.

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Alice Mansergh, Director of Google Marketing Solutions for UK and Ireland, said “Google’s products and free digital training are a growth engine for people and businesses up and down the country. We can help you connect to new customers, help boost your productivity or improve your employability no matter what field you work in.”

There’s an exciting line-up from event partners Xero and talentedladiesclub.com. And over 30 exhibitors offering accredited training, flexible career, business and franchise opportunities, and support and business services.

With a line-up of 10 workshops and an inspirational Q&A panel the day is certainly set to fulfil the mission organisers Lindsey and Lucy set out to do. The day is totally free, easy-going and relaxed for those who attend and is child-friendly.

The Mums Enterprise Roadshow is on 23 February at the Amex Stadium in Brighton, 9am-3:30pm Those who wish to attend can register for free by visiting www.mumsenterprise.events/visit

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