Top tips for the perfect steak

By Goodwood’s executive head chef, Darron Bunn

Goodwood’s Fillet won two Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards and Sirloin won one Gold Star at the Great Taste Awards. These national awards, recognized by the Guild of Fine Food, are the acknowledged benchmark for food and drink.

They have been described as the Oscars of the food world. “Here at Goodwood we are so fortunate to produce some of the best beef I have ever seen and eaten,” says Darren. “Not only is it slow reared, born and raised on our farm but also is organic, hung correctly and skilfully butchered.

Whilst we use the entire animal in various ways across our kitchens, a steak is still a firm favourite so here are some of my tips to help get the best from your steak regardless of cut.“

  1. Never buy cheap steak. It won’t taste as good, and always buy from a butcher that has full traceability. The meat should be hung for a minimum of 28 days; this will allow it to develop a rich flavour. It really is worth saving the pennies in order to buy the best.
  1. Simply season with salt and pepper to enhance the natural flavour.
  1. Always place into a very hot pan with good quality rapeseed oil.


  1. Do not shake the pan (this will affect the heat of the pan) leave it still and turn the steaks every thirty seconds or so for 2 or 3 minutes then add a few knobs of unsalted butter (this will help with both colour and flavour) do not add at the start as the butter will burn. Keep turning and cooking until you reach the desired level of cooking.
  1. Never eat the steak straight from the pan. Once cooked, remove from the pan, place onto a rack and leave to rest for at least five minutes to ensure a much more tender outcome and maximise on the juiciness of your steak; even a very rare steak will not bleed onto the plate if rested correctly.

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